Whether your parkade is a multi-level high-rise, subterranean structure or single level car park used by many business parks and strip malls, you need a comprehensive facility management solution that will take a load off your shoulders.
SA i Park is proud to be in a position to offer you all the services necessary to keep your parkade clean, well maintained and secure.

Parkades come in all shapes and sizes from the gigantic high-rise or subterranean multi-level structures to the flat lots of a small retail strip-centre with only a few stores. While parking lots provide a great service by allowing us access to retail and office centres, they sometimes create a substantial risk. What determines the relative safety of a parkade are governed by three factors, namely:

• the nature of the parking lot,
• the crime history and
• the location

The most common crime in a parkade lot is theft or vandalism. Where else can you find such a selection of automobiles left unattended – it’s a thief’s dream. The most frequent crimes are vehicle vandalism and burglary and, the current favourite, remote jamming. This causes the car to remain unlocked without you realising it and no alarm sounding when the car is broken into. All they need is a little time and no witnesses.
Prevailing solutions predominantly rely on a 20th century response which is task specific but at SA i Park we understand the nature of the contemporary threat therefore we recognise the need for a 21st century solution, namely:

• We understand that threats target our environment
• We understand deterrence and response alone, however integrated, do not provide a complete solution
• We understand that the way a solution is delivered is often as important as the results the solution achieves

For this reason SA i Park offers contemporary solutions which:

• Anticipate, prepare for and help clients prevent the impact of threats
• React immediately and in complete coordination with clients to help them respond efficiently and effectively when a threat occurs
• Work with clients in the aftermath of an event to help them recover quickly and completely.

SA i Park therefore offers contemporary, integrated security solutions in the face of the contemporary security threat and environmental resilience to clients who want and demand more than simple site security.



SA i Park therefore offers contemporary, integrated security solutions in the face of the contemporary security threat and environmental resilience to clients who want and demand more than simple site security.

SA i Park understands that the first place many clients and tenants see in a building, is the parkade. We offer a full complement of parkade cleaning services ensure that your parkade leaves a good first impression for your tenants.

Clean and good looking parkade floors, walls, lifts, stairs, signs, booms and ticket machines provides a safe parking environment and impress parkade visitors. Spillages, litter, excessive soot and dust can damage surfaces and lead to potentially hazardous conditions and accidents, which may lead to costly liability claims. Using our comprehensive car park cleaning services you can have cleaner and safer parkade in a shorter space of time. We provide pressure cleaning, power scrubbing and power sweeping services to restore a parkade’s presentation to the highest level. Image is everything in the corporate world. The appearance of the business premises can tell a lot about your business. That’s why it is important to maintain the cleanliness of all areas of the facility, including the parkade. Most of the time, the parkade is the first area that potential customers step foot on. Hiring a professional parkade specialist can help make that first impression a good one.

SA i Park is exceedingly skilled in providing a multitude of cleaning services that are applicable for your parkade. Our professional employees and cleaning technicians are fully trained and experience in a variety of pertinent cleaning methods and are trained in cleaning concrete or any type of floor presented to them. They are also armed with the cutting-edge industrial cleaning equipment; such as industrial scrubbing machines and heavy duty sweeping machines. They furthermore have at their disposal a large arsenal of commercial cleaning substances and chemicals to easily and quite readily deal with parkade cleaning jobs of any magnitude.

Selecting our parkade cleaning services for the scheduled cleaning of your parkade takes a lot of the stress and pressure off your shoulders since we will be creating a consistently pleasing and safe area of arrival and departure for your customers. In addition, scheduling regular cleaning services shows that you have a more proactive mindset towards these issues.